Roc Entrance
Monday: 15:00-17:00
Tuesday: 13:00-15:00
Wednesday: 15:00-17:00
Thursday: 2:00-4:00
Friday: 18:00-20:00
Rewards: 4 Rocket, 2 Immortal , 30x Arena coin

Fortress War
Every Sunday at 8:00 PM
Fortress War winner 750b

Top 3 player form thief/trade/hunter will automatically get rewarded:
1st: Premium Plus

13D items can be found in Hotan NPCs

Forgotten World
Pillars can be found in Grocery NPC Hotan
Reward: Egy A and B weapons, Rockets, Immortals 14D

  Job Temple
Selket and Neith: 4:30 7:30,PM
Anubis and Isis: 8:30,10:30,AM
Rewards: Egy B set parts

MaFia Quest

Quest name How to do it Reward
MaFia letter event (lv1 - lv80) Collect MaFia letters Berserker scrolls, 2 inventory slots
MaFia letter event (lv81 - lv120) Collect MaFia letters 20% dmg inc/abs scroll, 2 inventory slots
MaFia letter event (lv121 - lv140) Collect MaFia letters 4 inventory slots
[Beginner 01] - Genie in the bottle Kill 1 Ja'far 100% resurrection scroll (2 pieces)
[Beginner 02] - Angelroad's first request Hunt 100 Crabs Reverse Return Scroll (6 pieces)
[Beginner 03] - Dark side of the event (part I.) Kill 1 Tiger Girl on Uruchi's Dragon, Kill 1 Immortal Tigerwoman 20% damage increase scroll (2 pieces)
[Beginner 04] - MaFia's last request Hunt 120 Penon, Hunt 120 Planar, Kill 1 Ice Daughter of Gods (Isyutaru) Spirit magicstone (1 pieces)
[Intermediate 01] - Visit the Galaxies (part I.) Hunt 150 Tathen, Hunt 150 Hell Enchantress, Hunt 150 Wing Tribe Guardian Global chatting (6 pieces)
[Intermediate 02] - White side of the event (part II.) Kill 1 Dundika, Kill 1 Butcher Str/Int scrolls (5 pieces)
[Intermediate 03] - Butcher Butch 999 Blood Hyena Sabakun's jewel (2 pieces)
[Intermediate 04] - Interstellar Snake Kill 1 BeakYung the White Viper Arena coins (200 pieces)
[Expert 01] - Visit the Galaxies (part II.) Kill 1 Isis, Kill 1 Neith Scroll of Luck (3 pieces)
[Expert 02] - Earth in paradise Hunt 1337 Avarice Padjaitun Repair Hammer (11 pieces)
[Expert 03] - Holy Pride I. Kill 1 Horus (Advanced (Expert)), Kill 1 Osiris (Advanced (Expert)) 14D advanced elixir (Shield)
[Expert 04] - Holy Pride II. Kill 1 Sphinx (Advanced (Expert)), Kill 1 Nephthys (Advanced (Expert)) 14D advanced elixir (Accessory)
[Expert 05] - Underworld Hunt 8 Gultons in Forgotten world (4 star) 14D advanced elixir (Protector)
[Expert 06] - Have you seen the notice? Kill 1 Eris, Kill 1 Kidemonas 14D advanced elixir (Weapon)
[Expert 07] - What else do i need? Do nothing 3x Player Rockets, 3x Monster Ignore Scroll
[Expert 08] - MaFia mission impossible Kill 1 Karkadann, Kill 1 Khulood Player's rocket (3 pieces), Scroll of Monsters Ignorance (3 pieces), Scroll of Luck (3 pieces), Hero of MaFia title


Alchemy Rate

Plus 1-5= 80%
Plus 6-7=100%
*using Red lucky powder

*this values are without Lucky/Rocket/Premium+

  Survivor Fighter
Trooper Ghost Fabulous
Reaper Vampire Brothers
Sentinel Fangs Gold Digger
Firestorm Loading Anubis
Barrager Camper Bastet
Exploiter Half-Life Hapy
Medi-Craft Lost Man Horus
Two-Handed Swordsman Islander Isis
Paladin Tornado Khepri
Archer Superior Nephthys
Crossbowman Spider-Man osiris
Hand Cannoneer Puncher Ptah
Siege Ram Tiger Sekhmet
Siege Onager Cheeter Seshat
Bombard Cannon Staller Seth
Trebuchet Corruptor Tawaret
Cannon Galleon Corruption Thoth
Monk Elite Aphrodite
Mameluke Grunt Apollo
Jaguar Warrior Master Ares
Halberdier Collecter Artemis
Plumed Archer Team Player Athena
Petard Drone Dionysus
Missionary Champion Hades
Rayman Joker Hera
Globox Sherlock Poseidon
Teensie Tagger Zeus
Ly Sayian Side Kick
Grolgoth Fury Tank
Henchman 800 Trolled Princess
Mario Seeker Prince
Earthworm-Jim Legend King
Secret Agent Lollies Queen
Aladdin Candy Beast
Wolverine Justice Slayer
Magneto Tery Unique Slayer
Voldemort Tractor Alchemy-Pro
Keen Wisdom Suicider
Hocus Second Chance Berserker
Jazz Indicator Human Torch
Devan Guidance Ultimate PvPer
Lemming Shade Cooper
Space Blaster Crawler Beam
Sinner Chronicles Relocator
Winchester Darkness Bang
Abraham Light Saber Arctic
Shame Jedi Ark
Axed Titan Daggerman
Sword of Truth Titan Slayer Viper
Supernatural Zombie Snake
Devil May Cry Hunter Snake Bite
Jokster N00B Assassin
Eden Shark Brother Hood
Humiliation Wolfster Revelations
Decay Frankenstein Treasure Hunter
Obey Wolf Treasure Finder
Slienced Riser Rich
Slient Step Hell Riser BanHammer
Skipper Webster Ship Wreck
PWNED Monster